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Simplifying cyber security for small companies

From smart practices to independent party attestation, BCSF is an applied framework for securing your business technology.

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    What is BCSF?

    Information security governance framework coupled with practical guidance and supported by cybersecurity experts.  BCSF can be adopted in pieces, outright, or customized to your needs.

    Enterprise thinking scaled for small business

    • Aligns enterprise information security programs with practical approaches all small companies can utilize.

    • Developed, maintained, and supported by cybersecurity experts.

    • Provides third-party independent attestation to enable sales, build trust with customers, and reduce risks.


    Develop an information security program for your small company. Use this program to enable sales, encourage business growth, develop trust with current and future customers, and protect your bottom line.


    Demonstrate your committments to protecting data and mitigating disruptions.

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    Inspire confidence that your business is resilient against today’s cyber-threats.

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    Limit exposure and manage risks of incidents from your supply-chain.

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    Prospective employees, customers, and investors care about cybersecurity.

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    Incidents are costly for any company; use readiness to protect the bottom-line.

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    Take things to the next level, and have a third-party review your work and sign-off on your efforts.

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    A flexible approach to cyber-security trust.

    Bespoke approach to information security built on the idea focusing on what you do well is more important than dwelling on what you are not.  While common attestation programs force a business to completely develop their security programs, this approach lets you take it one pick at a time.

    How it works


    Policies & Guides

    Align your business needs with policies, then implement them using practical guidance.


    Controls & Audits

    Build confidence and trust in your information technology through best practices and checklists.



    Bespoke model enables companies to start doing better immediately, and continuously improve and evolve their programs over time.

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    Risk Awareness

    Full access to checklists, detailed guides, and implementation guidance is available to your company today.  Everything you need to build your information security practice.

    • Online Access to all BCSF foundation content including checklists and procedures.  No-cost subscriptions available to any company looking to improve their cybersecurity posture.

    • Derived from the National Institute for Standards & Technology, distilled down and translated into easy to understand content for owners, managers, and staff.

    Risk Mitigation

    Supplemental content and security awareness training based on real-world challenges form companies we serve.  Subscriptions help support our efforts and continued development of content that is updated frequently as the world changes at rapid pace.

    • Short video presentations and supporting materials. Designed to develop a cybersecurity conscious culture.

    • One subscription per organization gives every employee with a company e-mail address access to policy and training resources.

    Risk Management

    Dedicated documentation spaces enable companies to edit and supplement framework content.  Collaborative spaces permit multiple stakeholders to access and contribute to resources while opening the doors to independent verification.

    • Encrypted documentation workspaces hosted by BentoSecurity.

    • Enable third-party attestation and auditing by BCSF CyberSecurity Experts.

    How it works?

    Free and paid subscriber organizations receive instant access to BCSF:GUIDES, an web application for accessing content within the framework.

    Building trust with bespoke guidance.

    Ironic, isn’t it? The Bento Cyber Security Framework is the out-of-the-box thinking necessary to accelerate small business information security.

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