BCSF visualizationIt’s March 29th, 2021 and we are gearing up for early access to Bento Cyber Security Framework, all BCSF Core content, subscription previews, and open up key parts of our website including staff and advisory board info.  Majority of BCSF content will be available through our publishing platform.  The Bento Cyber Security Framework is out of draft stage and ready for publication. Supplemental content covers a variety of topics from small (really small) business security through board management and enterprise.


Bento Cyber Security Framework (BCSF) is an applied framework for small business cyber security. It is developed to help companies protect data, retain employees, and build trust with customers and vendors. BCSF recognizes the diversity among organizations. Each businesses will have different needs and requirements based on a number of factors. BCSF is meant to apply to any organization looking to build a cybersecurity program.  BCSF defines the best practices an organization follows to manage its cybersecurity risk for small organizations engaged in professional services. It is primarily developed from managed information technology service practices for legal, financial, retail, industrial, veterinary, and professional service companies.


The objective behind Bento Cyber Security Framework (BCSF) is to promote realistic and practical controls against common threats to organizational infrastructure. BCSF will help you create an information security program that is based on standards and adapts to your organization’s needs. BENTO:GUIDES is the tool for learning about, developing, and maintaining your BCSF-based information security program. The tool gives you access to a collection of materials which you can use to build your own program.


Early access is available by invitation.  Our list has been growing and we will be extending invites throughout Q2 of 2021.