Bronze Subscription – Tier 1

Access to BENTO:GUIDES with a Bronze subscription gives executives, managers, and operational teams the necessary toolkit for implementing Bento Cyber Security Framework into the organization.  The content is divided into multiple modules including Learning & Training, Policies, Checklists, and Guidance and Controls.

  • Bento Cyber Security Framework (BCSF)

  • BCSF core policy stack with governance for access control, business continuity, change management, incident management, information security, network security, risk assessment, server security, vendor management, and workstation security.

  • Training modules for individuals, very small companies, and larger organizations.

  • Actionable checklists for implementing security controls.

  • Explicit guidance for management of organizations, data, identity and access, devices, network, system monitors, and vulnerabilities.

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Silver Subscription – Tier 2

Silver access extends the utility of BENTO:GUIDES with content modules for better management of two key systems: people and cloud.  Employees and contractors benefit from recurring security awareness training and helps show your customers and vendors commitment to security-minded culture.  Meanwhile, our Cloud Security Principles extend governance to third-party systems that are often misunderstood or overlooked.

  • All Tier 1 Content

  • Security Awareness Training modules for employees.

  • In-depth guidance for securing your cloud and SaaS systems.

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Gold Subscription – Tier 3

Gold level access is for organizations that need to integrate existing policies, procedures, and documentation with standardized content from BCSF.   Our logically isolated, encrypted, and managed instances of BENTO:GUIDES offer the same content to customers with the added ability to edit/create/modify content.  Companies can use our tools to develop a single-space for policy documentation and information sharing.

  • All Tier 1 and Tier 2 benefits.

  • Dedicated BENTO:GUIDES instance for actively engaging with BCSF content.

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Platinum Subscription – Tier 4

Platinum customers gain access to our professional services team that is there to act as an extension of your executive, compliance, security, and operations teams. The Bento Security team can assist your organization in adoption, implementation, and oversight of your BCSF implementation.  In addition to BCSF auditors, your company may also leverage our system engineers, security professionals, and business managers experienced in transforming organizations.

  • All Tier 1 and Tier 2 content

  • Dedicated BENTO:GUIDES instance

  • GAP analysis, vendor assessment, program audit, and an attestation report.

  • Access to our professional services team.

  • Optional Annual Certification

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